Steven M. Coppola, MS, PT, DPT

Dr. Steve Coppola has a Doctorate in Physical Therapy, a Bachelors in Exercise Physiology, with a Minor in Psychology. He’s a former Adjunct Professor at Franklin Pierce University as well as Hesser College, and a current speaker for Vasyli Medical. He is a Hypnotist, has a certificate in hypnotherapy and although he currently does not have a private hypnosis practice he has helped people with pain, phobias, stop smoking and weight loss. Dr. Coppola has a passion and a knack for helping people be healthier.

Additionally, Steve is the Founder and CEO of Coppola Physical Therapy, which sees thousands of patients per month across 6 office locations throughout New Hampshire.

As a Doctor of Physical Therapy for over two decades, a master hypnotist, published author and former comedian, Dr. Steven Coppola has the remarkable gift of connecting with people on many levels.

When not helping patients with their physical restoration at one of his six practices, you can often find Dr. Coppola on stage entertaining crowds at one of his live hypnosis shows. After earning his certification from the Ultimate Stage Hypnosis training by legendary Hypnotist Jerry Valley and Tommy Vee, he completed his training from Don Spencer at The Ultimate Stage Hypnosis training.

Coppola also is the author of two books. Inside the pages of “Train the Brain: Hypnotize Yourself to Stop the Pain”, he details how self-hypnosis can be a powerful way to relieve many symptoms associated with injuries, anxiety and even daily stress. He debunks several popular myths about hypnosis, and shows how readers can train their own minds and bodies to live a comfortable, relaxed, pain-free life. He’ll show you how your mind holds the key to a permanent, healthy solution for physical, mental and emotional pains.

In Coppola’s book, “The Secret to Eliminating Back Pain Forever”, he shares insights from years of combined experience with physical therapy. Through illustrations and detailed instructions, they show you how you can resolve common back issues, learn stronger posture, and say goodbye to the aches and pains that have been holding you back. It’s the “must have” guide is for anyone searching for a solution to back pain that’s easy to follow and really works.

Steven is proud of this weight management system and all the successes that go with it.

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